Mapped is currently in alpha. Learn more about the project or explore the previous version.

Empowering organisers and activists with mapping tools and data enrichment ✊

Take your organising to the next level with our free to use tools that enhance your existing membership lists with geographic and political data.

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Get started

Start mapping your members

Visualise your membership geographically to understand the strength of your campaign at a glance and ground your organisational tactics in real information.



Augment your CRM

Mapped liberates your membership data from static, siloed and opaque CRMs by augmenting them with contextual information, geographic data and historical electoral data. Now you can look for insights and develop your strategy with confidence.

About the project

More than just maps

Our goal is not only to make organisers’ lives easier — we want to help facilitate the long-term collective action we need to build a more just society.


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